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About Us

The Brazos Valley church of Christ was formed in 2006. We want to grow together in our knowledge of the Lord, and spur one another on to love and good works that thanksgiving may be brought to God. We desire to pattern everything about our lives according to God's Word above everything else, believing that God's message is the same for us today as it was to those in the first century when Christ's church was established.

Purposely Commited

First of all, we have made a firm commitment with one another that one of our primary goals is to focus on equipping the saints for service in the church. One of the most visible ways we are accomplishing this is through our program of training men for the service of preaching. Rather than hiring an individual to fill this role in the church we have over a dozen men, with varying levels of experience, fulfilling this capacity with diligence. Through this process, new preachers are trained for duty, the church has significant resources freed up for other uses, and we grow together in the understanding that we share a common faith with one another.

Second, we are excited at the opportunity to see our numbers grow. Our desire is to see, not simply a swelling of our numbers as Christians from other bodies move into the area and identify with us, but for new Christians to be added to the Lord’s church through their faithful obedience to the preaching of the Gospel. As we remain faithful in our teaching and preaching, we know it is God who will cause the growth. As a relatively smaller body, we believe we have opportunities to know and serve one another more closely to the Biblical model. As the church grows and a sufficient number is reached to make it practical, a new congregation would be planted, to the glory of God, and the process would begin again.


  • Ray Bomnskie
  • Steve Green
  • Scott Harris


  • Andrew Avery
  • Sean Beatty
  • Bryan Harris

Will You be Visiting?

First, we want you to know that there is nothing that we would like more than to have you visit with us during one of our meeting times.

Ultimately, in our times together we want God to be the recipient of the praise and honor due Him, and in the process we want to build up and encourage one another to continue on to maturity in the faith. In our times together we sing songs, have times of prayer, and hear a lesson presented from the Bible. On Sundays we share in a time of communion together, remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross.

One thing you might find unusual is that we do not use musical instruments in our assemblies. Here, you might expect us to make an argument that singing a capella, without the use of instruments, is a beautiful tradition, or that there is some unique and outward quality that you might find attractive within that practice itself. While that argument might be made, the real reason for our choice of singing lies in the fact that we do not believe we can find the authority in the Bible to practice anything contrary. While that might seem an unusual position within 21st century America, it is not unusual at all within Christian history. Regardless, since we aim to do all things in accordance with the Scriptures, this is our practice and common faith.

In all that we do, our goal is to please God, and bring thanksgiving to Him. We will be so pleased to have you among our number. And while you might not find that our assemblies are full of programs and entertainment geared toward impressing one another, it is our sincere hope that you will find our foremost goal is to please God — we hope that impresses you.